Through the Book of Hebrews: exploration at discussion—Chapter 2

v. 1 What are we being asked to pay more careful attention to? Therefore, to what___________________, so that ________________________.

Review key points of Chp. 1
1. God the Father has spoken in these last days through his Son Jesus
2. All things, including the universe were created through our Lord Jesus
3. Jesus is the radiance of God’s glory and exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word.
4. Jesus provided purification for sins through the shedding of his blood on the cross.
5. The Son is far superior to the angels;
6. These five points are foundational theologically to our shared faith.

What does it mean to pay more careful attention? See Acts 16:13-14

“The [Greek] verb prosechein means not only to turn the mind to a thing but also to act upon what one perceives (Morris 1981 pg. 21).

“drift away” the Greek word is used to describe a ring slipping off a finger.

How do we “drift away” today? Do we have to be opposed to the gospel message to drift away? Are there varying degrees of drifting away?

v. 2 What was the message spoken by angels? So if every violation and disobedience ___________________

v. 3 Will anyone escape if they continuously ignore the gospel message? Is there room in this passage for being “neutral” or just neglecting to make a decision?

What does this “such a great salvation” mean? Significant because it was first announced by ______________ Was confirmed to___by who?

All subsequent teaching/preaching regarding salvation and the gospel message must agree with the original proclamation.

v. 4 God also testified to it by _______,__________,____________ and gifts of the _______________ distributed how?

How did the apostles perform these signs, wonders, and various miracles? Does this confirm that we are relying on supernatural power, even to manifest/live out our gifts today?
v. 5 In the world to come, who is going to regain sovereignty over God’s creation in the future kingdom?

v. 6 What is it about man that Great God should stoop to help him? Here “son of man” is Hebrew poetry referring to “man.” Why does God care for man?

v. 7 In God’s order of things “man” is placed just below the angels, yet set above all else in creation, hence, “crowned him with glory and honor (v. 8) and put everything under his feet.”

v. 8 Why do you think everything is not subject to us in our present day?

v. 9 Psalm 8:4-6 isn’t fulfilled in mankind today, but Christ is now crowned with glory and honor because___________________________

His death and resurrection has made possible for redeemed man the ultimate fulfillment of Psalm 8 in the future kingdom… (NIV study Bible notes).

v. 10 Many will come to salvation through the perfect plan of God. Who is the author of our salvation here? The incarnation was perfected or completed when Christ endured___________________ for our sins.

v. 11 Who is the one who makes men holy? Is Jesus our brother?

v. 12 Psalm 22:22 triumphant Messiah

v. 13 An expression of trust and dependence on God our Father by Christ our brother; Father’s children given to Christ as brothers and sisters.

v. 14 God in Christ shared in our _______________ He had relationships with family/friends and shared in our human nature, yet was without sin.

How did Christ destroy the devil’s power over death?

v. 15-18 Should we be fearful of death? 1 Cor 15:50-57
Who are Abraham’s descendents?

How is Jesus described? What did he do for us? Why can Jesus help us today when we are tempted?

Expositor’s Bible Commentary (1981) Frank Gaebelein (ed)