He who oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker, but whoever is kind to the needy honors God. Proverbs 14:31

Our Evolving Goals

1) To help those in need of basic necessities: food, housing, clothing. One does not have to be homeless to utilize our services. During this difficult economic time many just need help with groceries or clothing.

2) To refer people to affordable housing where they can experience a therapeutic environment that allows them to work on areas of personal growth and maintain a clean and sober lifestyle.

3) To support the men at Luke’s House. At Luke’s House (sober living environment for men), the home is managed by Dr. Randall Torres and volunteers who help teach the Bible, manage recovery programs, and implement structure for community living.

4) To reach out to working poor families and individuals as much as practically possible. When needs are identified, many times through local churches, we want to do our best to provide responsibly and help to empower wisely. We love others practically, live and share the gospel and encourage transformation and repentance through the power of Christ.

5) To be consistent in sharing the Gospel message. We never force the gospel message at Luke’s House or through interpersonal contacts in our communities. Folks can receive our services whether Christian or not. We offer a message of hope through Christ and people have to decide for themselves. Regardless, our ministry will continue to demonstrate the love of Christ through action toward all in need, especially the poor and disabled.

6) To rely on God for wisdom when helping the poor and disabled manage their social security funds. Through our payee service, we want to demonstrate consistency and integrity toward those we serve. We always strive to be fair when helping the disabled manage their funds.

7) To network with others in living out our mission. It is essential that we continue developing a professional network of care providers and resources to meet the needs of those we serve. Moreover, we view the church as a healing agent. Therefore, it is important that we reach out to local churches to ensure open communication, mutual encouragement, and networking among the members of the body of Christ.

If you have questions about networking with our ministry, give us a call. We desire to develop relationships that are transparent, mutually satisfying, and bring glory to our Lord, especially as we serve others.